Monday, August 11, 2014

#NextDirect #BacktoSchool #Haul

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If you follow me on IG you would have seen a few pictures of my recent #backtoschool shopping for Phoenix. Although he isn't in 'real school' as of yet, he is still a growing boy and at warp speed I might add. I've learned to scale back on the impulsive shopping ever since becoming a mom and getting the hang of shopping for him, now I simply buy what is needed. I unpacked some of the winter gear from last year to see if he could still fit any of it and then shopped for the 'holes' in his closet. You should see his closet after I hung up all the baby clothes for his little brother, it looks like a retail store in there lol

This is my first purchase from Next Official, which is a British clothing retailer for women, men and children. I am in love with the quality of the cotton long sleeve shirts and the sneakers are super cute too! I also picked up a pair of sneaks by +GoPLAE  and simply adore the camo print. I think camo is my favorite print for boys, although I wear it myself from time to time.

Check out my digs below. I bought him a size 1.5-2 and will probably go up a size to 2-3 for shirts/sweaters so there is more room to grow next time. I think the shoes are a true to size match. I didn't get any pants yet because he has quite enough to last him this Fall but considering picking up a pair or two of sweats and a few sweaters. Jason went #backtoschool shopping for him at Bloomies and when I found out how much he spent with so little in the bag I quickly told him to make a return and buy with Next, we will definitely get way more for the dollar and that's the point right when you are trying to save.

This year I'm totally into rail road stripes, denim shirts, camo and dinosaurs. Roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, August 08, 2014

100 Grateful Days Challenge

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I recently started a 100 Grateful Days challenge on Facebook via my personal page. I'm doing this challenge to remind myself to be grateful for the many blessings bestowed upon myself and family. Often times life may get in the way and we become bombarded with the negativity of day in and day out routines but I have to remember that the good always outweighs the bad and each day is a new chance at making it a great one! For example, just this week I was pulled over by the good ole Atlanta police on the way to daycare for supposedly yielding a stop sign. I thought my stop was plenty long but the police obviously disagreed, this is certainly no way to start your day but instead of letting it bog me down I brushed it off and kept it moving. I turned it into a positive by remembering to drive safely, especially with two kiddies onboard. Now don't get me wrong, I'm no Susie Sunshine everyday but I am certainly looking forward to the positive impact this challenge will have on my life. #attitudeofgratitude

100 Grateful Days Day 3 I'm grateful for the ability to travel, making memories and the art of capturing life through photography. It is awesome being married to a photographer! 
Speed Boat tour 2011 St. Lucia

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