Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#WayTooCool Boys Clothes

Hey loves it's been ages since I logged on to blog, honestly I just don't make time for blogging anymore, it has sort of lost it's appeal to me. I think it all went down hill for me once I became consumed as a mom and the idea of setting up a tripod to take daily fashion pictures just seemed like one more task in an already hectic schedule. Right now if you are still following me on Instagram or Facebook, you'd know that I'm gearing up for our second child. Yep that's right I am knocked up again! We don't know the sex of this baby yet but will find out in about 3 more weeks yay! I can't wait to decide if we will be remixing Phoenix's wardrobe or shopping for some glitter :)

Since Spring will be here soon I couldn't help but do some online browsing to see what we needed to add to Phoenix's closet. H&M always has great deals on cute kids clothing. I am so bummed that the Kardashian collection now available at Babiesrus doesn't include boys. Booooo lol Anyway here are some #waytoocool picks I've narrowed down for P. All of these goodies are under $20. I'm still loving sneaks from H&M and Old Navy, we haven't ventured into buying him Jordan's or the super expensive boys kicks yet. Phoenix is a rough little tumbler and I refuse to spend high dollar on sneakers that will for sure come home looking raggedy for now.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Whiny Kid Syndrome

Hey loves and Happy New Year! I can't believe it is already 2014! I remember growing up thinking we would be zooming around town like the Jetsons in a space aged car by now, guess we are still a ways from that; for now we are plugging in our electric cars, eating organic foods from Trader Joe's and drinking from BPA free water bottles while running on the treadmill. Lately I've been spending lots of time hanging with Phoenix out and about in the uppity part of Atlanta known as Buckhead. I never dreamt that I would be a "Buckhead mom" who prefers my leggings and workout jacket over jeans + heels while pushing my overpriced stroller and sipping on Starbucks but here I am and I LOVE every minute of it!

As a mom of a very active little toddler I am coming into the new age of learning how to navigate the tantrum stage. Phoenix isn't exactly falling out in the middle of Target and screaming bloody murder like I've seen some kids and Lord help him if he should ever think about embarrassing me like that LOL I recently read an article about "How to Raise a Kid Who Isn't Whiny," and chucked at the thought of it, I mean it is funny and all until it is happening to you right? Kids at this age between 1-3 seem to have 'attitudes' whenever things don't quite go their way. Once I was in Target and stupidly rolled by the Goldfish shelf knowing full well that we weren't buying any. I had NO idea that he would even recognize the bag until he went into tantrum mode because he wasn't getting any. REALLY smh that is what you call "First. World. Problems." Phoenix is being raised in a privileged world accustomed to his cushy Britax carseat, being shuttled around in a Mercedes, wearing designer labels, already has a stamp in his passport and eats mostly organic REAL foods. I'd say he is living a pretty great life! My husband just asked me while at Catch Air, "Why didn't we have cool stuff like this as kids?" My answer, "Because we grew up in the hood!" It's nice knowing that you are able to provide your kids with a better quality of life than you had. I'm not saying I was raised in a shack and slept on a dirt floor or anything but Phoenix's upbringing thus far is definitely a step up from my days in the South Bronx.

The truth is in life you simply don't get EVERYTHING you want, no matter what Oprah and the book The Secret tells you, having EVERYTHING your heart desires is just impossible, at least according to me. I remember being upset as a teenager because my father promised me a leather jacket in high school and a car at my college graduation; neither which he furnished and I'm no worse off because of it. As a parent myself I know to either not promise your kids certain things you can't deliver or at least have the decency to live up to them. As a first time mom I used to give into his every whimper, especially when he was a bit younger, but now my response to him falling out because he can't take every single thing out of the bathroom cabinet will be FIRST. WORLD. PROBLEMS as I walk away hiding my grin :)

Here is a quote from the article I mentioned above:

I don't know the answer to how to raise a kid who isn't whiny and annoying and who doesn't think that Pinterest stress is really a thing worth lamenting. But I do know that as a parent, it begins with me. I set the limits. We won't do Elf on the Shelf because mom has enough trouble getting cookies baked over Christmas. The tooth fairy only brings a quarter. There is no adjustment for inflation. Your birthday cake will probably always come from the store, as will your Valentine's cards for school. I didn't buy baby moccasins because the ROI on that investment was one good Instagram picture. Your food won't be all organic. Yes, I used formula. Walk to school. There is no second breakfast or special dinner for you. I don't do grocery cart covers or antiseptic wipes. I don't care if that kid took your toy, get it back yourself, that's street justice. I don't care if the neighbor sneezed on you, the flu happens. Time out occurs at anytime or anywhere, so be on alert.
This is where we begin.
My refusal to compare myself with the other mother I see on the Internet and to build a life that embraces the important and repels the petty. And I only hope that lesson extends. If not, I am building a backlog of "Oh, you want to see not fair?" lectures. Just in case.

My parenting style does not dictate having absolutely no treats or special things but I am certainly not going to give Phoenix his every desire. I think it is important to set real life precedents early on so kids don't grow up thinking life is a fairy tale with a happy ending all the time.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Operation #absbysummer is in FULL Effect!

Hey loves it's been eons since I've written a blog. I've been busy living life you know employee, wife, mother stuff. I decided back in November to rejoin the old faithful gym LA Fitness and I'm so happy I did. I usually abandon my gym membership when the summer months come for the outdoors but I think this summer I will actually keep it. I have been happily reacquainted with my love for #lifting weights, just like with running you get a high and the results for me are almost immediate. I am not sure who I get my athletic build from but I swear my body builds muscle overnight. I am trying build myself an #hourglass figure and first on the list is working on these abs that Phoenix blew to hell lol I usually lean towards working out my legs since they are my favorite body part but lately I've been watching the trainers at the gym and incorporating some of their moves into my routine. Sometimes doing the same thing everything M W F can be boring, even with music, so it helps to switch things up plus you don't want your body to get used to the same movements and weights. I picked up some bright new sneaks for my birthday, they are much cuter than my old New Balance sneaks and now I need another pair. Bright work out clothes are not only cute to look at but also distracting when you are tired and on the verge of giving up. I haven't nailed down an actual fitness routine as of yet but here are a few exercises that I like to do right now.

Hip Aductor

It targets your gluteus medius and minimus. I would love to have the perfect heart shaped booty so I focus a lot of my energy in the gym on the glutes and legs.

Leg Press

It targets the quads mainly but you will also feel it in your calves, glutes and hamstrings.

Smith Machine Squats

Gives you a full body workout training the hips, thighs, glutes and quads.
Other types of squats I do are with the kettle bells (pop squats and body weighted squats).


Also targets the same muscle group as the squat.

Prowler Push

Lower position focuses more on the quads and proves to be more difficult and doing multiple sprinting intervals without breaks can increase your strength. Pushing a sled can be especially challenging, but the rapid changes in body composition are worth it. I plan to incorporate pushing and pulling the prowler on each leg day to lose body fat % fast.

Front/Side lunges

Lunges work your thighs, hips, quads and calves. I also improve my posture doing these. I mainly do side lunges to widen my hips.

Overall training has been going great. I started to drink 3 liters of water a day and eat clean 90% of the time. I do sneak in a couple cheat treats here and there but overall I'm pretty disciplined. It doesn't make any sense killing myself in the gym to go home and eat poorly, I'd just be wasting my time and money paying for the membership. #nodietnoabs Growing up I was super skinny. I entered college weighing about 110lbs and graduated at about 115lbs lol I actually tried for a year to gain weight in my early twenties eating loads of crap. Right now I weight 150lbs. I've lost about 15lbs since giving birth to Phoenix. I stopped weighing myself everyday and focus more on how I look. I am more concerned with body fat loss than weight loss since I am lifting to gain muscle. I also purchased a waist training corset to help shrink this abdominal fat. I LOVE this thing, it not only gives you the perfect hip to waist ratio it also improves your posture. I've been wearing mine for about 6-7 hours a day. It stays in place all day, makes me sweat more while working out and after I take it off my abs stay in that shape for awhile. I definitely recommend wearing one if you are trying to whittle your waist down.

On another note, why is workout gear so frickin expensive geesh! I found a few websites that sell really cute pants and tops but $80 for leggings is insane. I lucked up and found some cute and inexpensive ones at Target but I'm in the market for more since I am working out 5/6 days a week. Where do you shop for work out gear?

Well that's all I have for now. Happy Holidays to everyone and hopefully I will be back on  here blogging more in the New Year. Cheers!

Monday, October 21, 2013

He Says, She Says {Tamar & Vince}

So this past weekend I laid back on the couch to catch up on Tamar and Vince via Youtube. We are a family sans cable, I usually stream most of my TV entertainment from the web with Apple TV. I used to watch cable quite a bit but haven't had a subscription in about four years now and quite honestly I don't miss it one bit. I happened upon the Love and War video so I clicked on it to see the visual of the song and chuckled to myself when the leading man was a hot guy with a ripped, muscular physique. I knew in my bones that my husband was going to say something.

He Says:
What the heck, why is her husband all ripped and muscular, Vince don't look like that!

She Says:

LOL Maybe because her main audience wouldn't find a man of Vince's size sexy and appealing whilst frolicking on the beach shirtless!

I just knew he was going to say something about the guy not looking like Vince smh. Now don't get me wrong I LOVE me some Tamar Braxton but I do agree that her husband ought to lose a few pounds, not for the sake of vanity but for overall health; especially now that he has a child to be responsible for, no shade as the kids like to say:)  In case you haven't seen the video check it out below.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Women in other countries get Menstrual Leave?

Hey loves, I am writing this post with some heavy eyelids. I barely slept a lick last night thanks to the antics of my vibrant son Phoenix. He pops up at 4AM and decides he wants to converse about what I have no idea; but nonetheless I am in my office barely keeping my eyelids open lol #parenthood got to love it! For some reason I came across the concept of menstrual leave online, not that I am on my cycle right now, lol but I thought the concept was very strange nonetheless, because of course in the good ole' US of A we do not get menstrual leave. I happen to be employed by an international company which gives a generous amount of holiday so I am very grateful but the mere fact that some women in other countries are entitled to menstrual leave every month blows my mind! 

The concept started in Japan in the early 20th century, in the 1920s Japanese labor unions started to demand menstrual leave for their female workers and in 1947 it was brought into law. Nike also included this leave into their labor code of conduct in 2007 wherever they operate around the globe. Kudos to you Nike! Australian unions also started a campaign for menstrual leave for their female workers at Toyota, they simply asked for 12 days PAID leave per year for their employees. The Philippines initiated the Menstrual Leave act of 2008, which granted leave to all private and government employees except for those pregnant and menopausal at half pay. In Indonesia, as of 1948, women are entitled to 2 days off per month for menstrual leave. In Japan, according the labor law, when a woman for whom work would be specifically difficult during menstrual periods, the employer shall not employ such woman on these days. Lastly, in Korea not only are women entitled to menstrual leave but they are entitled to additional pay should they choose not to take it. source

Let's hear it for Women's Rights! I love that women in these countries are entitled to this leave because let's face it, some days are just down right grueling when you are going through your cycle and going to work, depending on what type of work, can certainly make things that much worse. 

Would you take advantage of this act if it were in the US? Who couldn't use a few extra days off right?

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